CIS Abroad Position on COVID-19 Vaccinations

May 25, 2021 1:58:46 PM

Dear Partners,

Below you will find CIS Abroad's position on COVID-19 Vaccinations for staff and program participants.

100% of U.S. based CIS Abroad employees will be fully vaccinated by June 2021; CIS Abroad highly recommends vaccination for all international staff. 

CIS Abroad strongly recommends our program participants receive a COVID-19 vaccination before departing for their study abroad destination. Vaccination is the best way to end this global pandemic and to show care for the communities in which we operate. We develop our CIS Abroad policies and protocols for international travel and study in consideration of local country guidelines and restrictions. We expect that there will be continued lifting of restrictions for vaccinated individuals. 

Is CIS Abroad requiring vaccinations for students? 

CIS Abroad strongly recommends our program participants receive a COVID-19 vaccination before departing for their study abroad destination. 

What are the benefits of being vaccinated before going abroad? 

  • Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself, our on-site staff, your professors, and loved ones from COVID-19 infection
  • It is the best way to protect against the spread of variants and to end this global pandemic 
  • Certain airlines, countries, and international universities may require the COVID-19 vaccine. Even those that do not, may impose quarantine-upon-entry requirements (10-14 day quarantine, with a cost of approximately $2,000) and isolation restrictions on unvaccinated students. It is a student’s responsibility to ensure vaccination requirements are met. 
  • If exposed to a person who tests positive for COVID-19, unvaccinated students may be required to quarantine.  Often this quarantine will require relocating to different housing, at an additional cost.  
  • Students who are vaccinated may be able to travel more widely during free time, whereas students who are unvaccinated may not be able to travel beyond the region where they are studying.  
  • There may be mandatory testing for unvaccinated students. 
  • There will be no refunds to students who are unable to complete the program due to a lack of required vaccines. So, don’t risk your money!

Are there places students can’t go if not vaccinated?  

Likely yes. Each country determines its own policies and protocol for entry and exit. We expect that unvaccinated students will face quarantine-upon-entry requirements. The cost of this quarantine and the potential disruption to academics is the responsibility of the student. 

Many countries have regional travel restrictions for unvaccinated individuals. 

Europe is allowing travel between countries for vaccinated individuals, but not for unvaccinated individuals.  

Will there be unvaccinated people with whom students come in contact with?  

Yes. Vaccine availability varies across countries. There will likely be some participants, as well as staff and local students and community members who are not vaccinated. Therefore, it’s critical that we operate according to CIS Abroad and local protocol to protect the health and safety of all students. CIS Abroad is asking students to disclose their vaccine status voluntarily so that we can plan for a safe and fun learning experience abroad. 

Can students request to room with a vaccinated student? 

Yes. If a student is vaccinated, they can request to room with another vaccinated student.