CIS Abroad Update on COVID Vaccines, Boosters, and Omicron Variant

Nov 30, 2021 8:09:41 PM

Below you will find an update regarding COVID vaccines, boosters, and how we are monitoring the Omicron variant.

COVID Vaccines & Boosters

COVID vaccines are required for participation in CIS Abroad’s programs in 2022. Here is a link to the CIS Abroad COVID Vaccine Policy. Additionally, we are highly recommending that all students get a booster shot as soon as they are eligible, preferably before they depart for their study abroad program. In some countries, students may be considered ‘unvaccinated’ 6 or 9 months after their last vaccine shot. It is highly likely that boosters will be required to gain access to museums, bars, restaurants, and public places in many countries in 2022, particularly in Europe. 

Omicron Variant

The new COVID ‘Variant of Concern’, Omicron, has been receiving a lot of global attention.  Here is the WHO brief about the Omicron Variant.  We are continuing to monitor the information that is coming out. We went through this scenario when the Delta variant first emerged last summer. We know that the Omicron variant  is being studied and analyzed now, and more will be known about how this variant differs from Delta, and other variants, in the coming weeks.  

2022 Programming

At this time CIS Abroad does not plan to suspend or cancel any January or Spring 2022 programs. With the exception of Japan, none of the countries where we plan to send students in 2022 have imposed border restrictions that would prohibit fully vaccinated students from studying abroad. (We are working with partners in Japan to determine possible courses of action for our late March start spring programs). Some countries, like England, may now require a COVID test after arrival. If and when new entry requirements are put into place we will communicate with students as quickly as possible. 

As a reminder, we have simple, clear refund policies to help guide decision-making.