CIS Abroad's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Aug 31, 2021 1:00:42 PM

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Dear colleagues, students, and families,

Beginning in January 2022, we will require that all CIS Abroad participants be vaccinated. The WHO and US CDC agree that the vaccine helps reduce the risk of serious illness and helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. 98% of our summer and fall 2021 students self-report that they have been vaccinated. 

We have been successful in sending students abroad in this pandemic in alignment with mitigating the β€œ3 buckets of risk”: health, financial, and academic. This requirement aligns with mitigating those same risks. Specifically, it is important for all of our program participants because it:

  1. Reduces the health risk of: 
    1. Spreading COVID-19 and its variants to other parts of the world, including CIS staff, international partners and the communities where we have programs.
    2. Contracting COVID-19 while abroad, which could lead to serious illness and death, missed classes and excursions, mandatory quarantine or isolation.
  2. Reduces the financial risk of:
    1. Being denied entry abroad if a country requires vaccination for entry.
    2. Being denied acceptance to one of our international universities, housing, host families, or other local venues.
  3. Reduces the academic risk of:
    1. Missing important classes due to illness or due to changing regulations.
    2. Missing out on amazing cultural experiences due to decreased access. 

Now that the Pfizer vaccine is FDA approved, we believe that significant barriers are removed for our students and that we can create experiences that are accessible and equitable. 

If you or your staff have questions about what will be required, or how to talk to students about this, please see our COVID-19 Updates page.


Kris Holloway, President & CEO
Joe Debiec, Vice President of International Operations