CIS Return to Travel Plan February Update

Feb 24, 2022 4:00:10 PM

Dear Colleagues, 

The Center for International Studies (CIS Abroad) continues to proactively prepare for the lifting of university, state, national and international travel restrictions. We currently have students abroad in ten countries and maintaining duty of care responsibilities to our students, families, and institutional partners is of utmost importance. And students continue to contact CIS Abroad about opportunities for 2023 and beyond!

We continue to adapt and update our current risk assessment framework to include site specific COVID-19 protocols overseen by our Risk Management Team (RMT). As currently constituted, the RMT reviews all health and safety protocols, student incidents, and any travel to high-risk destinations. We follow the FORUM on Education Abroad, US Department of State, Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, Global Health Index, and US Overseas Security Advisory Council guidelines to identify and review destination risk. 

We understand the importance of mitigating three areas of risk for students, families and universities: financial, academic and health & safety. This is the foundation for the design and delivery of our programming.

1. We are mitigating financial risk.

CIS Abroad has worked with international partners to create refund and withdrawal policies for all Summer and Fall 2022 programs and beyond. Our goal is to limit the financial impact on students and families should COVID-19 change a student’s plan to travel. Please see our current refund policy, which includes details on cancellation and interruption insurance options. 

 2. We are mitigating academic risk.

CIS Abroad has carefully selected programs where there is minimal to no academic risk*.

  • If a student must quarantine or miss classes due to sickness, remote academics are guaranteed on most programs. These may be synchronous or asynchronous, i.e, live or recorded.
  • If a city or country goes on lockdown due to sickness, remote academics are guaranteed on most programs. These may be synchronous or asynchronous, i.e. live or recorded.

*If a student cannot travel to their destination due to COVID-19 restrictions, remote academics may be guaranteed on select programs and in certain courses. If accessing remote academics from the US are important to you, please contact our advising team to learn more about which program locations or courses are right for you.  

3. We are mitigating health & safety risk.

CIS Abroad has developed site-specific risk management plans for every location so that health and safety protocols are monitored, managed and communicated throughout the semester. We have developed a COVID Care Package included in our program fee to make traveling and living in a host country easier on students, especially those first few weeks on-site:

  • COVID compliant airport pick-up and transfer to housing. 
  • Access to quarantine housing upon entry, if quarantine is required when entering the country; this housing may incur additional charges.
  • Information and assistance on meal delivery, if quarantine is required when entering the country.
  • COVID-safe classrooms and campus facilities as well as access to masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies according to country and location specific standards.
  • Vaccine requirements for all participants to ensure COVID-safe program excursions and guaranteed housing with vaccinated students.
  • Access to accommodation if isolation is necessary due to positive COVID test or exposure; this housing may incur additional charges.
  • Access to COVID testing; this testing may be an additional charge.
  • Medical and accident insurance that covers COVID-related illness (except for on programs operating in the USA).
  • Cultural activities and reflection that emphasize safe, local exploration geared to the specific context of being abroad at this special time.

*if quarantine is required upon entry, we will let you know 60 days before a program starts, or as soon as the information is known to CIS Abroad. Your program coordinator will keep you updated as to any changes in dates, arrival, local restrictions and costs.  If it is required, this may entail an earlier departure date and an additional housing and meal cost. 


Kris Holloway & The CIS Abroad Risk Management Team