COVID-19 Statement from CIS Abroad President

Jun 4, 2020 3:53:29 PM

Dear partners, parents, and friends of the international education community,

We know the plans that students had for traveling abroad with us this year do not look like we expected. The world has changed in so many ways as have our lives. We are grateful for your confidence in us, and want to tell you what we’re doing to move forward as the world re-opens. 

Summer 2020 Programs

  • Due to health and safety concerns, we suspended all on-site operations this summer and are only offering virtual intern and virtual study options.

Fall 2020 Programs 

  • A select group of fall programs remain open, chosen for a combination of factors that lead to a successful experience abroad, with health and safety and academic integrity at the forefront. Please see our virtual internship options as well. You can compare virtual internship programs with this chart.

Spring 2021 Programs

  • We are in the process of determining which 2021 programs will be on offer and are looking at:
    • the flexibility and training of our international partner and our on-site staff
    • the health and safety standards of that particular country, city, and campus
    • the ability to offer various modalities of instructions and housing to accommodate last minute changes

This article in one of our industry publications gives a good overview of what we must consider moving forward. We are working with our Risk Management Team as well as experts across the country to ensure, to the best of our ability, a safe and robust return to international travel and study. 

CIS Abroad’s goal is to provide a safe environment for students, interns, faculty, and all other members of our community, as well as to protect the host communities where we operate. Our Risk Management Team has identified a three step process for restarting our programs around the world. Read the full statement here: Guidelines for Restarting International Programming.

We know finances are critical at this time. For students applying to programs, their CIS Abroad Program Enrollment Coordinator will ensure that program payment deadlines are clear so families can make a decision before non-recoverable payments need to be made. 

When we are able to venture abroad again, we know that travel will not be as it was six months or a year ago, but let’s look at this as an opportunity to experience life, the world, travel, and culture in new ways. A new chapter in life, in education, and in travel is coming, so let’s make the most of it as we work together to find the new normal.

Kris Holloway, President CIS Abroad