Update on COVID Vaccine policy, effective Summer 2023 term

Dec 2, 2022 8:26:41 PM

For the Summer 2023 and beyond, CIS Abroad strongly recommends that participants receive the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters but will not require it. The WHO and US CDC agree that the vaccine helps reduce the risk of serious illness and helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

CIS Abroad strongly recommends all participants receive the vaccination and boosters because it:

    • Reduces the health risk of:
      • Spreading COVID-19 and its variants to other parts of the world, including CIS staff, international partners and the communities where we have programs.
      • Contracting COVID-19 while abroad, which could lead to serious illness and death, missed classes and excursions, and mandatory isolation.
    • Reduces the financial risk of:
      • Being denied entry abroad if a country requires vaccination for entry.
      • Being denied acceptance to one of our international universities, housing, host families, or other local venues.
      • Having to isolate for longer periods of time if COVID positive
    • Reduces the academic risk of:
      • Missing important classes due to illness or mandatory isolation, due to changing regulations.
      • Missing out on amazing cultural experiences due to decreased access.

International rules and regulations change rapidly. We abide by the local, regional and foreign government regulations governing COVID-19 and other vaccinations. CDC guidelines are here. We also abide by US sending institution rules and regulations re: sending students abroad. Host country and airline rules around vaccination can change at any time; participants are responsible for all related expenses that are incurred due to these changes and are subject to regular withdrawal policies if participation is not possible. This is why we strongly recommend vaccination; not only does it protect one’s health and those around them, but it protects against changing vaccination rules and regulations around the world.