Italy Spring Program Update

Feb 29, 2020 3:16:07 PM

Our partner programs in Rome, Florence, Perugia, and Sorrento have not cancelled their programs. The Italian Government warnings remain unchanged as of this morning. We are recommending students return home, but not cancelling our programs as these travel advisories are to avoid non-essential travel and not to evacuate US citizens. We recognize this is a fluid situation that may evolve, and that U.S. universities have different policies and responses. We will work with each family and U.S. university to the best of our ability to make sure that students are safe and that their academics can continue remotely.

At this time we recommend students return home, but we are not cancelling programs. We intend to take the next 24 hours to monitor the Italian Government’s response and what both our Italian and U.S. University partner plans are. We do realize the U.S. universities may have different policies and responses.

Our Italian University partners have already started setting up the option for students to take courses remotely. Although each partner has slightly different processes around taking classes remotely, we will work with them to make sure students have these opportunities.

Further updates are expected before the end of the weekend.