Program Cancellation in Thailand

Mar 19, 2020 2:19:37 PM

CIS Abroad has cancelled spring programs in Thailand. The situation around the world relating to the spread of Coronavirus, and the COVID-19 Disease, is rapidly changing. In recent days, many countries including New Zealand and Australia, have increased their global alerts, and have called all of their citizens home. Many major airlines have seen the demand for travel drastically decrease in the past two weeks. This will result in far fewer flights and options to depart Thailand. Moves to close borders have become increasingly common to stop the spread of the virus . It is likely that Thailand will soon restrict movement within Thailand, and they may follow other countries by locking down their borders to protect their citizens. Due to this, and with great sadness and care, CIS Abroad is cancelling our programs in Thailand.  Students and their emergency contacts have been notified and student should work to return home by Monday, March 25th.