Our Response to the Recently Issued Travel Alert for Europe

May 3, 2017 8:46:04 PM

On May 1st the US State Department issued a travel alert for Europe.

The alert is in response to recent attacks in Europe, and in anticipation of similar events over the coming year. It is unfortunate that attacks like we recently witnessed in London and Stockholm have become anticipated.
Nevertheless, every time that there is any sort of global terror event we test the CISabroad crisis and emergency response protocol to ensure that we are in the best possible position to respond adequately and efficiently.

CISabroad is more prepared than ever to meet the needs of our students and their families, and to meet the needs of our university partners, though we sincerely hope that no call to action comes.
CISabroad remains steadfast in our devotion to our mission, and we assert that now is the time to study abroad. Greater global understanding has never been so necessary.

- Joe Debiec CISabroad Vice President of Program Operations May 2, 2017