Video Update: CIS Abroad’s Risk Management Response to Coronavirus

Feb 14, 2020 3:22:24 PM

For several weeks, CIS Abroad’s response to the novel Coronavirus has been three-fold:

  • Monitoring the spread of the virus and staying current on all U.S. State Department and CDC news
  • Communicating with our current and future participants, their emergency contacts, and their home institutions about best practices and how to stay healthy before and while traveling
  • Mitigating risk by ensuring that no students were or will be traveling through China at any point before or during their study abroad experience

To date, none of our programs have been cancelled. Our international university partners are monitoring local situations closely and taking all necessary measures to ensure campus communities are as protected as possible, including:

  • Checking the travel history of participants
  • Requiring additional health checks before arrival (South Korea)
  • Delayed start of classes (one instance, students will arrive on scheduled start date)

Hear more details about CIS Abroad’s Risk Management Team and procedures related to concern around Coronavirus from Joe Debiec, Vice President of Program Operations, and Jessica Jones, Vice President of University Relations.