Statement on the Conflict in Israel and Palestine

Oct 10, 2023 8:10:11 PM

Message to onsite students from site directors:

On October 7, 2023, armed Hamas militants launched a strike on Israel from the Gaza strip, escalating an already tense situation and starting a war. This has resulted in a growing number of casualties in the area, on both the Israeli and Palestinian side of the conflict. Our hearts go out to our colleagues, friends, and families impacted by these acts. 

CIS Abroad hopes this comes to a peaceful resolution and until then, would like to remind our students of the following:

  • We strongly advise changing any travel plans to Israel or surrounding countries. Student safety is our utmost priority and we kindly remind all students to complete the Independent Travel Form, when traveling away from their program location, so whereabouts are known by staff.
  • Protests are popping up in major cities worldwide. We advise our students to pay attention to local news and avoid protests when going out as they could turn violent. 
  • Please be reminded that we have mental health resources available should students need someone to talk to. Let’s Talk provides 30 minute sessions with a licensed counselor. If you do not see a time slot that fits your schedule, please contact your Site Director or to arrange an appointment. 
  • Political views on this topic can be very polarizing. The conflict in Israel and Palestine has very deep roots, and can be very difficult for people without ties to the region to understand.  Please be respectful in conversations with your classmates, local staff, and friends if and when discussing this conflict.  

CIS Abroad will continue to monitor the situation and stay abreast of all United States Department of State guidance and alerts. Our on-site staff have been asked to keep our students informed when there are protests that may disrupt local life in our program locations, or that may turn violent. Take care of yourselves and each other.